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Mac, Ubuntu, Windows….Uh Oh, Can’t Boot

After successfully installing Mac OSX 10.6.6 on my brother’s Sony VAIO, my dad needed the hard-drive expanded to install XCODE for Iphone dev. First, I tried shrinking the Windows partition and merging it into the Mac partition. I could shrink the Windows partition but unfortunatly couldn’t merge it with the Mac one. I tried to create a new partition from the empty space in Ubuntu but it said it couldn’t because 4 was the max unless it was an extended partition :(. I then decided to delete the Ubuntu partition from windows and format it to fat32, a universal filesystem. Mac would be able to see it but, after  trying to boot back up, grub rescue> came up. Duh! Grub was installed with Ubuntu! It worked and I finally installed XCODE after I booted up from my USB Ubuntu Live CD and reinstalled GRUB with these instructions:

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