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Disable Right Click

Here is some code I modified from DynamicDrive to disable right clicking on my school website: Read the rest of this entry

How To Use Standard Gnome Notification Bubbles in Ubuntu

I followed this guide to greatly improve the Ubuntu Natty Narwhal notification system. This notification system has many great features such as stackable notifications, click to remove notificaitions, skip buttons to skip banshee songs, and theme-ability.

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Mac, Ubuntu, Windows….Uh Oh, Can’t Boot

After successfully installing Mac OSX 10.6.6 on my brother’s Sony VAIO, my dad needed the hard-drive expanded to install XCODE for Iphone dev. First, I tried shrinking the Windows partition and merging it into the Mac partition. I could shrink the Windows partition but unfortunatly couldn’t merge it with the Mac one. I tried to create a new partition from the empty space in Ubuntu but it said it couldn’t because 4 was the max unless it was an extended partition :(. I then decided to delete the Ubuntu partition from windows and format it to fat32, a universal filesystem. Mac would be able to see it but, after  trying to boot back up, grub rescue> came up. Duh! Grub was installed with Ubuntu! It worked and I finally installed XCODE after I booted up from my USB Ubuntu Live CD and reinstalled GRUB with these instructions:

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DVD – Still Rippin’

I’ve been trying to find the easiest solution for ripping DVDs to a format stream-able to my Droid X but currently stuck using a three step process. First I have to rip the DVDs in Windows on my main computer using 1Click DVD Copy. This outputs a Video_TS folder structure. I then copy the Video_TS folder and its parent folder onto my external hard-drive attached to my server. There I begin the encoding process with Handbrake which encodes it into a mp4 file ~2.5gb big. After this I use Super to encode it again into a smaller, stream-able mp4 file that looks good and can stream to my phone over DLNA.

Ubuntu – I Control My Hardrive

I have been suffering a problem with my NTFS partitions, I couldn’t delete the files on them to trash! After trying many different things I finally found a solution.

I install PYSDM from the Software Center and set the drives to auto-mount. Then I replaced this line in /etc/fstab

#Entry for /dev/sdb7 :
UUID=01CB886B4DC9A550                      /media/Downloads_and_Important  ntfs-3g    defaults,    0    0


#Entry for /dev/sdb7 :
UUID=01CB886B4DC9A550                      /media/Downloads_and_Important  ntfs-3g    defaults,umask=002,fmask=113,gid=100,uid=1000    0    0

This gave me, my account alex – Alex-Wendland, full control over the drives and succesfully deleted the files to trash like it should!