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Ubuntu + Flash = <3

Finally! I have tried so many so called “solutions” to get Ubuntu and Flash to play nicely together to play fullscreen. After trying so many, the overload gpu trick, media.cfg, a Firefox app supposed to auto fix it, random lines of code, I’ve finally found a fix that works, at least for me. Well, its not very refined, I can’t figure out which of these two following fixes did it, or if they both did, but here goes (btw I have tested this to work in Chromium): Read the rest of this entry


Multiple Firefox Windows

I have found myself wanting to work with multiple Firefox windows open because of my dual monitor setup. When closing Firefox through conventional means though, it wouldn’t save one of the windows. Fortunately, I have found a solution: by closing Firefox from File > Quit or by using Control Q. When I reopen Firefox both windows open with all my tabs!