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Xbox Goes RROD? Take some drill in your case!

I’m so siked, I have fixed two XBOXs that have faced RROD (Red-Ring-of-Death) using these¬†instructions. Both people had already bought new XBOXs, so I got to keep the fixed, and now working totally fine, old XBOXs. I started off by following this guide¬†on and using the parts list there:

4 5x20MM Panhead Machine Screws (Keep length between 20 and 40 MM)
4 5x15MM Panhead Machine Screw (Must be no longer than 15MM!)
44 #10 Washers

And for your English measurements (Thanks to ajmontag for providing these):
4 3/16″ x 1″ Panhead Machine Screws
4 3/16″ x 1/2″ Panhead Machine Screws
44 #10 Washers
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